Black Lives Matter poster with scales of justice borken by the type Black Lives Matter

44th Forum On Tolerance motion graphic

45th Forum On Tolerance motion graphic with backgroundo f 84 names of blacks murdered and reported by police between May-August 2020

44th and 45th Forum On Tolerance Poster
Black Lives Matter: The Journey Towards Justice and Healing

Poster for Part 1 of the two part series. The type Black Lives Matter break apart the scales of justice. The motion graphics were used for emails. For Part 2 of the series, the names of 84 Black people who were killed and reported by police between May and August of 2020 is used to further demonstrate the injustice in the United States.

42nd Forum On Tolerance Poster
The intersection between Human and Animal Rights

“Eyes are the windows into the soul,” they say. This eye is the eye of the pig featured in the documentary that showed on the first day of the forum.
North Shore Community College has several lecture series. The Forum on Tolerance is one that has been consistently done twice a year. I finally designed this format for posters with a large image at the top with dates in the blue band and info at the bottom to keep the events tied together.

40th Forum On Tolerance Poster
Respect & Inclusion: Building Hate-Free Communities

RESPECT and INCLUSION eminating and flowing in rainbow colors into and out of the hate-free communities message.

36th Forum On Tolerance Poster
Thinking Outside the Gender Box: Insights into Being Transgender

The gender symbols of male and female are merged, vertically and horizontally flipped, and are set on a square rather than a circle asking the viewer to completely rethink gender. The type “Thinking Outside” is both a sans serif and serif, and is breaking out of the box, of course. The background is the transgender flag and on the bottom right corner is the transgender symbol.

39th Forum On Tolerance Poster
Respect & Inclusion: Supporting the Struggles of our Immigrant Community

This forum was conducted during the 2016 elections where the hate and fear of immigration, especialy of the Latine community, was a major campaign agenda for candidate Trump.

The Statue of Liberty is used to reinforce the past and how this country was built from immigrants and how we once “welcomed” immigrants, but here the statue of Liberty is flipped, showing a perspective which does not exist, a false view. The statue also breaks out beyond the frame of the poster creating tension.

Blue, upsidedown, pentagon poster with three embroidered army stars in center

Broadcast Journalist Series Lecture
Cracking the Pentagon’s Code

The upside down pentagon represents the new view/understanding of the Pentagon after the lecture. Binary codes are within the stars.

Red apple ringed by flourishes floating above a hand

The Salem Foundation
14th Live and Silent Auction

Lots of movement to create the excitement of the auction for a foundation that offers grants to Salem k-12 teachers.

Malcolm X poster

Liberal Studies Lecture Series Poster
Malcolm X: His social and spiritual legacy - 50 years

The lecture focused on Malcolm X’s spiritual connections to The Nation of Islam. His iconic glasses are excentuated in this highly stylized famous portrait of Malcolm X. The pyramids of Egypt, the birth place of the Nation of Islam, behind and part of Malcolm X’s silouhette. The point of the pyramid highlighting his head and brain. His hand remains gray scale to symbolize his strength.

American flag background with musical notes and posterized Charles Mingus playing bass in foreground.

Liberal Studies Lecture Series Poster
Sounds of Power: Music and nationalism in the US in the 20th Century

The lecture used samples of music from jazz musician Charles Mingus (represented by the posterized image of the musician), the classical music composer Antonin Dvorak (represented by the musical score of his Symphony No 3), and American rock n’ roll singer Bruce Springsteen (represented by the American Flag, which mimicks how it is used on one of Springsteen’s album covers).

Typographical poster with a unicode type formed in the center with lots of white space.

Liberal Studies Lecture Series Poster
Lessons from Cyborgs: What they can teach us about disability, community, and kindness

The term, Cyborg, has some conflicting connotations. My typographical interpretation is a mechanical, modern, agita, disparate yet functional piece. The composition is set with plenty of white space around it to allow it to “live” within the space, calmly, communicating the positivity the lecture presented.

Archival photo of four women pilots coming forward with a war plane in the background. Blue stars burst from behind the plane coming forward in red streaks.

Liberal Studies Lecture Series Poster
Women and War poster and motion graphic

Animated propellers and rotating stars in the background of the four women pilots.

The lecture was originally scheduled for April prior to COIVD. Because of COVID, the lecture was then made into a recorded video presentation which the motion graphic was used to market via email.

Yellow Oompa poster with head portrait of Oompa within a grafitti style balloon and bursts in the background, with red, black, green combinations.

Visiting Writer Series

Oompa is a DYNAMIC, local, hip hop artist and poet who’s slam poetry can explode with the social messages of being black, queer and a woman.

Film fighting poster

Film Fighting poster
Arts in April

Two English professors at North Shore Community College wanted to demonstrate their hobby of stage combat. Combining the look of an old fashion boxing poster and comic book art (KAPOW and the benday dots), the poster creates the feel of an arena event and fantasy.