Gravity Lab takes geospatial information and creatively uses the data for social innovation. The capital G of the logo connotes a waypoint as well as a mask.

Masks are used throught all cultures, a global icon. The “gravity well” at the top of the mask also serves as the mind, not chaos, but active. Gravity has two meanings, a scientific meaning as well as a “weighty” issue. The weight of the G imposing itself into LAB, and loosly demonstrating the curvature of the fabric of space/time. LAB is inverted to connote a nontraditional, creative lab.

Power Of Ground uses drones to collect data for land surveying. The data (which can literally be layers, images, scans) is then overlaid with itself to extrapolate other data to help the client. An example might be using data of a farm land. The scans could be used to find the most fertile areas, issues of the soil, mositure content, slopes, etc. to help create a better yield for the farmer.

Liberal Studies Lecture Series (LS)2 logotype

A combination of liberal studies and math to connote that the lecture series is not just about liberal arts. The LS characters connotes a book.

brasserie 28 logo

brasserie 28 was known as a wine bar first, that happens to have delicious food.
The white space between the central wine glass and the outer food utensils create wine bottles.

Lone microphone in a spotlight with Comedy College type in front of the microphone


Comedy College was a Minnesota Pubilic Radio show presenting a full hour routine of famous stand-up comedians of the past and present. The logo visually represents the uniqueness of stand-up comedy with a single individual spotlighted on stage.

The performer on display is further illustrated by the layering of type and image, creating a sense of “standing behind” the glass Comedy College store window.

The type is simple and modern but unique, representing the sometimes subtle risks these exceptional comedians take to become the extraordinary performers they are.

Rising tomato over a town with rays coming out

The Catchup Advisory Board was a ficticious council created by Garrison Keillor‘s old-timey, variety radio show A Prairie Home Companion. The Board‘s objective was to sell catchup to people through the glorification and “emotional healing properties” of catchup. Here the tomato is shown like a giant sun-god, rising over a Lake Wobagonesque town.

The type mimics both poured catchup and the team logos of small-town baseball. You can imagine this being one of those PLU stickers that are placed on fruit.

Blue cross with red Rod of Asclepius in center

North Shore Community College
Bertolon Simulation Health Care Center of Excellence

Because these were labs used for training health care students using patient simulation manequins attached to various computers and monitors, the Rod of Asclepius is bitmapped at the tail connoting BECOMING the whole. The background of the cross is partially grided connoting graphs and bitmaps.

Various icons

North Shore Community College
Pathways icons

Icons used for degree pathways. Pathways would include two or more programs, such as the dark green Business and Administration pathway has both an accounting component as well as office support, so the icons needed to have representive various concepts.