Science Museum of Minnesota
The Periodic Table Ca+fe

An in-house cafe at the Science Museum of Minnesota.The name, design, signage, and interior were all designed by myself. The three foot dimensional letters above the counters were made from hand-cut HUD foam and were at increasing depths from the outer letters towards center.The outer letters were smaller as well to create a slight curvature/bow to the whole piece to match the circular space of the cafe.

The tables were made from recycled metal street signs with different parts of the periodic table silkscreened onto them. The most centered element on the tables were all elements important for the human body.

Hallway with large panels of students on the walls

North Shore Community College
Interior graphics

In a bare hallway, a total of 64, 4'x8' panels were created to go all along the walls to liven the space and create pride, motivation, and connections. The di-bond panels are removalable (z-clips) to keep them updated.

Hallway with large panels of students on the walls

The wall of former presidents of the college.


Hallway with large panels of students on the walls

A wall of alumni.


Hallway with large panels of students on the walls

Directory panel. Kiss-cut vinyl print on frosted acrylic with 2-inch spacers. This was done with vinyl because the directory changes every year from shifting deparments and classrooms. Once the new artwork was created, the old vinyl would be removed and the new vinyl would be stuck down.


Hallway with large panels of students on the walls

This was a “temporary” 20' panel in a large lobby space visualy depicting the 50 years of NSCC. The photo panels are offset from the background blue and red panels. The type at the top are dimensional as well as the 50 years logo. This space was renovated with the new expansion.

Old Lynn campus East lobby

New renovated lobby with Welcome wall graphic

The old East Lobby of the Lynn Campus prior to building addition. The old lobby was done with graphics from the 50th Anniversary including the 20' graphic in center, wrap-around graphic on counter, dimensional letters behind the counter, directory, mounted prints of coming new building addition and a standing counter under them.

After the addition was completed, a 23' Welcome wall was created where the former architectural prints had been.

Restaurant exterior

Vinyl window graphics and dimensional, acrylic letters. The existing maroon exterior of the top panels were utilized in their logo.

Bertolon simulation health care Center main signage

North Shore Community College
Bertolon Simulation Health Care Center of Excellence

Bertolon simulation health care Center close up of type depths

Variable depth, painted, acrylic letters.


Bertolon simulation health care Center room signage

Custom blade signage for the Health Care Center classrooms. These needed to stand out clearly from that vast hallways where they were located.